Being a Mistress as a Narcissist

I knew this was not for me.

This should be for nobody who has some type of self love and respect. I thought I had plenty. This caused me a deep narcissistic injury and I ain’t proud to talk about it. I of course walked away with a debris I caused behind me and for him to clean up. And know I will be the thought that makes him ejaculate when he jerks off away from his obese ass wife, who he did not find attractive enough. He was an opportunist Until he met THE opportunist, me, bless his Soul. That he never fucking had. That I liked about him. As an atheist, I know soul is not even real. The only thing real is I hate this feeling that I am unfamiliar with. I don’t necessary feel like a loser. Because I gained things out of it. He was a great supply for my narcissism, he understood I was fucking crazy and capable of doing things. He loved how aggressively I wanted him for myself thinking he was the reason for my crazy ass ways. It turned him on, I played the submissive chick very well in bed, then dominated him in other settings, then when I wanted to reward him for his efforts to make me feel good, I played the submissive bitch again. Oh he loved it. He still jerks off to this mere thought as we speak. I loved how he jeopardized everything he had. His little image that was all a facade, the family man he wished he was but his penis disagreed with. His little family so ith this sad ass fat bitch who didn’t even fight for him, who already knew about me and was ok with it. Yes, I sure did let her know one day.

I sure let her know one day because I was too good to be a secret.

By the time this actually happened, I had warned her joke of a husband numerous times. He knew I was going to do it one day and he barely cared. I loved that he didn’t care but it was due to something else than what I wanted and immediately figured It wasn’t. It was due to the bitch being accustomed to his cheating ass ways , his lies, his affairs and no good nature. She just “turned her head to the other way”‘ she “knew not to look for it”. I was just perplexed. This bitch could not have been serious and this must have been a boring ass dream but it wasn’t.

The wife of the man who I had been feeding nothing but pussy and steak was on the phone telling me she knew about me and all the other weak shit u could never catch me exhibit. She had accepted the fact that I am banging this dude. But then again she knew she was the winner as long as she thought of her title as a win and she did. She just loved being someone’s wife and the mother of his seeds. I thought she was a loser because I wanted to take her man. I sure did not want to marry him cause he couldn’t offer me more than what he has had by marrying me. I also generously avoid commitment by nature. So she was a loser for settling for that dumb shot. I lostinterest right there and then but now there was a new challenge… I will talk about that soon as well but let me replay this song by J. Cole.. “She fix with small town n….s I GOT BIGGER DREAMS…”


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