Female Cerebral Narcissist

The misinformed already thinks female humans cannot have ASPD or NPD. So, as a Female Cerebral Narcissist,  I am not surprised but highly annoyed that there is very little, if any, about female cerebral narcisissists. All articles assume the narcissist to be male and talk about the misogyny “cerebral narcissists” have while disregarding ALL FEMALE CEREBRAL NARCISSISTS as we do exist but not understood or explained. So I will do it for you.

A female cerebral narcissist is also asexual.

– We do like to be touched, adored and worshipped and we do NEED to know we can sexually excite you and we must be  able to seduce you or manipulate you with sex. Therefore we can’t withdraw sex totally since it is a very powerful weapon and advantage we have over you. It is also a great way to make you behave and check yourself. We already don’t wanna have sex so imagine how we take advantage of a pussy timeout you are placed on for acting up


a female cerebral narcissist is a man eater

the way a male cerebral narcissist is known to be a misogynist! the female c. Narc is a flaming feminist. She thinks patriarchy is the cause of all of her problems , at least in theory, and at the core and she is not incorrect. We feel that we are put at disadvantage by being women because the world is male-friendly and hates women by default. What happened to Gaia, the divine goddess who birthed  Humanity only for us to deny her and create our own male Abrahamic gawds.


a female cerebral narcissist also loves her father and her roots.

daddy loves him some me and this will never change. My mom has a great partner in life even though she is a somatic narcissist and unfortunately daddy is a great narcissistic supply.


My roots is the reason why I am the queen. I will be self made, I will be in power, I will lead.




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