I am a female Narcopath

This is indeed my first post….about Narcissism. I have about 8 other social media accounts both business and hobby stuff, also two personal ones. I am online because I am sometimes to a fault, my own person. I am 28, female, New Yorkee, immigrant, supervisor, entrepreneur, a wild child, an alpha woman and a cerebral Narcopath. This means I a, diagnosed with ASPD and NPD. BEFORE this discovery, I often wondered what was so different about me. I did not necessarily think something was wrong with me, but I knew I wasn’t like “them”. I never hated that I was different because I have always loved myself, against them. Independently from them, regardless who did and who did not, whether society agreed with who I am or what I do or how I live my goddamn life, I loved, love and will always love me. If not me, then who? I know  me for who I really am and I am here to be me, unapologetically here, in writing, as it comes to me and as I choose and control what I disclose about me, the authentic person that I am. My mind that I cherish over everything and every other aspect of me.

my mind is something I cherish so much I am unwilling to allow others to discover much. I yearn and secretly wish for it to be discovered for its excellence, the flexibility it has to reason beyond stupid social rules and so-called morals that the world collectively do not even have, the expectations and boring emotional burdens no one should carry or load on another human, the wack ass concept of political correctness, the laws that are quick to punish you and in capable of protect me, the victim mentality that does not exist within so  on and so forth.

we are not talking about my IQ HERE, not even the EQ that your favorite science people swears is measured by empathy, we sure aren’t talking about college degrees and career queen that I am destined to be… We are talking about a mind that is vast enough to absorb new and vast information, a mind that. An read other kinds, the ability to rise above peer pressure and social obligations, the mind that is void of obedience especially to social constructs that don’t even exist. The mind I possess, that I do not pour out because few can receive or even do deserve such exposure. I would rather type it out then speak it.


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