The Narcopath’s Angst

Female Narcissist and Anger issues (of others with it)

My Narcissism does not bother me. Once again for the “narc abuse survivors” out there, we have no problem with our condition. At least I don’t because I know it contributed to my successful career, all my exes still call me desperately and I got some money I was able to save up when I laid off the drugs a little. All praise due to motherfucking me. Narcissism is fine overall but I have one tiny problem with it. It is like taking your favorite stimulant. You enjoy the ride till the end because in the end you are left with your signature anger. That anger angers you farther because People have issues with it telling you (me) that you(I) got “anger issues”.

Anger is something I can DEFINITELY feel. It is like the most understood and felt feeling I have ever had. Empathy idk about that, sadness I feel from time to time but I got inappropriate reactions when I am expected to be sad, I definitely don’t know much about other feelings. I definitely don’t know shit or care to know shit about OTHERS’ feelings they seem to feel full-fledged to a motherfucking fault.
But anyways, this anger though.

It is powerful. It is unavoidable, low-key enjoyable but causes issues with others or within others ultimately affecting my long term plans and making me lose certain people’s sympathy or support when I act upon it. So I need to learn how to control my anger, which is familiar, comfy and impulsive but a definite hinderance.
I hate all kinds of hinderance whether it is a feeling that I don’t wanna feel, a person I must get along with but can’t, money that I don’t have etc. like why do you wanna hinder ME? I work hard for mine, I try hard af to fit in and live amongst dumb and ignorant people, I am not even from this country yet I manage even though I deal with the stupid Immigration laws and same ol’ social expectations. Like give me a fucking break. But no, “let’s get her angry so her true thoughts about us come out which will be self-defeating to her since we can’t defeat her ourselves”. I feel like my anger is what people have been using against me and we can’t have that. We meaning me, myself and I. That’s why we gotta go learn how to control it. Go join an anger management class or something, do what weak people do. Ask for help. Yeah something gotta give. I admit I need help managing my anger. I can’t have NOBODY control my OUTCOMES due to my anger. It has got to be dealt with.



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