no face woman

I suppose there was always a pre-determined outcome
for self absorption, in your life.
A mother with a failed aspiration,
“I was a singer too you know”
A sister with a similar dream.
She was going to be a pop star, wasn’t she.
And you, a film producer.

You were the golden children of your family.
Older siblings, sometimes envious,
of the adoration your parents felt
for their newest offspring.
Of course, you never noticed.

You were the blessed pair.
The revered twins.
You were the most attractive,
the most talented.
You wanted a different life
than that of your older siblings,
with their mundane aspirations,
isn’t that right?

‘They’ve made mistakes’
‘They just don’t have as much ambition as I do’

‘You know, they’re damaged’

And tell me,
what children of divorce
ever really come away unscathed?

You never knew their pain,
but I did.

I watched.
When you left for…

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