The Narcissistic Gaze Part 2

Here is the part two
A poem I wrote for you
Mic check one two
Fat Lady can you cut the blues
Let’s focus on this poem I named “Black and Blue”
A metaphor for the dead when their skin changes its hue
With love I never felt,
With respect that was never due
Mourning for you with your #MCW
He is taking it very hard like I do
So I may have to use your lube
This is a remix to No Vaseline by Cube
And play it at the funeral home and post it on YouTube.
After all this could have been all avoided
But I will engrave the first verse on your tomb, granted

You were an exceptional woman
With substantial image you depicted, a narcissistic challenge that got accepted
You wanted to hit first
So you gain recognition
Instead you are released on your own recognition
Into the mud you go, what an unfortunate departure
Like a first time offender in the worst penitentiary with the most fear in his heart but the loudest mouth as his front
A sucker who will get sucker punched then served as lunch. A lame who can’t come out to the yard but his cell is too hot

and that bunk bed is too hard for that hurt butt. You seek dominance in a wild place, you get put in your place which is underground. You get smart with the wrong one, let’s watch you become organic matter then a mere mineral. You took the wrong turn or looked the wrong way, it ain’t a homicide, There is no criminal
The crime is nonexistent if it’s a suicide
you play with matches, you get burnt, science y’all.
Better play with suitable matches cuz this mismatch will hurt you love
Idk who you are
too burnt to identify
won’t be the same after all like a butterfly on day five
Dead but buried alive
You go out once and for all
Talk that lame talk
Walk that shame walk
Had folks stayed in their lane
They wouldn’t have ended up slain


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