The Narcissistic Gaze: when looks actually do kill

The Narcissistic Gaze (part 1)
First I would like to define the gaze then share a poem I wrote for you to perform at your service. I don’t ghost-write but I may have to, after all you are a ghost now, all praise due to me, the superior one to you.
the flow is supreme
word play is sick, wish you played it safe but you live what you pick. Here is good read with an evil plot, who want it?

A public announcement lest you wanna be slick. First let me explain what a narcissistic gaze is so we are all on the same verse as I spit it on my next blog entry as they announce who wins. Come as a surprise cuz it’s a wrap for you, gift wrapped with hate and signed by fate for you
Ask your doctor if rat poison is right for you
Fuck flowers, I send a gift basket
This morgue is too cool for my cold heart
give me a fucking blanketimage.jpg
Don’t worry you are too dead to feel it and your casket is cushioned
As I sip this old fashioned with Bulleit Bourbon
I am buying you custom bullets that will free u of your burdens
You loved good fashion if only you could afford it – too late now
Cuz all you got is this body bag girdle

The funeral will be lit, the only event you could have hosted
Too bad you had to be dead to experience it. Survival of the fittest too bad you weren’t a fit to excel in this.
The gaze ain’t nothing to fuck with
It is the look that can and will actually kill. Not only that, it will haunt you like a bad dream
The gaze that kills and shows up at your open casket viewing
someone better film it
It is a show, you better work it
it is a slow but sure death so you better murk it
And I will be twerking in perfect rhythm
You better follow the script
The come back is lethal and psychotic.
Your life wasnt shit
Your move was not that bright
Cuz I dimmed it
Stay still like you have a choice
You was one hideous bitch
Now you drop dead gorgeous


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