imageI wondered if I had borderline personality as oppose to NPD. I had to find out what was exactly causing my rage and issues with people so I was honest with myself. I acted more like a NPD bitch than a BDP princess. I took pride in my reluctance in suicide or cutting. I also don’t agree with drug use being self harm. Since I use them for rewarding purposes. To switch dimensions and experience self. I use it to disassociate from everything that’s bothersome and unfair. Hell if drugs cause harm than I should think of it as a side effect because drugs let me stay out of jail and in the country.
Anyways I knew I was not solely BDP but possibly had NPD comorbidity issue at hand but I had to disagree with its possibility. If one uses superiority as power vs codependency to stay in control is what it all boils down to. Control is what controls us. We lose more of it when we try to get more of it. We both need to be needed and as irreplaceable as possible but NPD makes them feel that they need us bc we are better. BDP will make them feel they need them bc bdp person makes the other one better…. NPD deals with fear of abundance by leaving the scene while BDP stays to turn things around. Both without sufficient anger management skills are self defeating and impulsive. BDP will play the victim well while NPD will judge and prosecute someone else for causing them the anger burst
BDP will cut self to disassociate from a painful experience while npd will fantasize about torture and payback


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