Empaths are liars

Empath oppression is real and very pretentious. Humans don’t need empathy to know something wrong is done to some people for reasons that are wrong. We already actively help and support other humans to benefit and cover human arses for selfish and spiciesist reasons. Human privilege is something to hold on to. But of course most empaths are empty inside and they require their feelings of superiority and pity stimulated if they were to offer their help….. Therefore empaths also help others for self rewarding reasons and validation of superiority just like narcissists…. The need to be needed is what an empath calls “feeling for others”. People with low empathy usually know if a neighbor gets robbed, you don’t feel his pain dialing 911. You are worried about the possibility of YOU getting robbed, too. That’s enough to help/support one another…..if you don’t stop it, the whole humanity get robbed and you can’t just be a lion when this happens.image.jpg


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