Opinionated Narcopath


Nihilism: the mere fact about life. It is just the period of time of good and bad shit happening to you between birth and death. Only the start and finish matter.

Apathy: I do have apathy against authority, tradition, religion and marriage

Feminism: I do feel hindered by patriarchy and blame most of my issues on sexism which I am vocally against at all times

Racism: as racist as the minimum a human can be

Speciesism: I do think I would care about a human baby’s well being before a kittens
While I don’t think humans are better or not animals, I know it’s innate and homo Sapian asf of me

Ableism: I do feel if I wasn’t hindered by my extra pounds I would be more ableist but I am furious at people who FAT / body shame because you hoes can be criticized for your body shapes as well nobody is perfect

Skepticism: in science I trust and not Zeus’ testicles

Atheism : a well educated atheist with an established understanding that abrahamic gods are false and a god as humans depict does not scientifically supported to be in existence

Antitheism: anarcho-feminism related strong dislike against organized religion mostly due to the male oppression with false gods who labels my ovaries inferior than testicles

Transphobia/gender views: transwomen are women. Pussy is not a qualifier

Evolution: facts

Drug abuse: lift the stigma on drug use and change the bad person judgment

Morals: a group of collective holier than thou opinions that aren’t absolutes or laws

Mental health: overlooked and understudied

Materialism: survival technique

Machiavellian persona: a coping technique / self defense mechanism after the parental neglect and childhood trauma forces the victim to act out of insecure and fearful ways to gain control over hurt

Communism: def better for my lazy ass but not seeing it happening

Intersectionality: oppression has levels and shades to it

Islamaphobia: understood but not effective in controlling Horrifying effects of Islamist ideology

Hoeism: fight slut Shamers by embracing hoe life


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