Things I always find myself saying

1. I really can’t deal
2. It’s just too much
3. You are disrespectful
4. You ask to be babied
5. Why do you complain so much?
6. You are unmanageable
7. I don’t have time for this
8. Do what you gotta do
9. Whatever
10. Fuck outta here
11. We shall see
12. I guess nobody likes to be wrong
13. You can’t take criticism
14. You take everything personal
15. I’m not gonna entertain this
16. You don’t have to like me
17. That’s irrelevant
18. It’s all about business
19. This ain’t goodwill
20. I don’t deal with emotions
21. Too much ego
22. Just do your job
23. Mind your business
24. I’m a human too
25. Get over it IMG_2972


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