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Empaths are liars

Empath oppression is real and very pretentious. Humans don’t need empathy to know something wrong is done to some people for reasons that are wrong. We already actively help and support other humans to benefit and cover human arses for selfish and spiciesist reasons. Human privilege is something to hold on to. But of course most empaths are empty inside and they require their feelings of superiority and pity stimulated if they were to offer their help….. Therefore empaths also help others for self rewarding reasons and validation of superiority just like narcissists…. The need to be needed is what an empath calls “feeling for others”. People with low empathy usually know if a neighbor gets robbed, you don’t feel his pain dialing 911. You are worried about the possibility of YOU getting robbed, too. That’s enough to help/support one another…..if you don’t stop it, the whole humanity get robbed and you can’t just be a lion when this happens.image.jpg

Opinionated Narcopath


Nihilism: the mere fact about life. It is just the period of time of good and bad shit happening to you between birth and death. Only the start and finish matter.

Apathy: I do have apathy against authority, tradition, religion and marriage

Feminism: I do feel hindered by patriarchy and blame most of my issues on sexism which I am vocally against at all times

Racism: as racist as the minimum a human can be

Speciesism: I do think I would care about a human baby’s well being before a kittens
While I don’t think humans are better or not animals, I know it’s innate and homo Sapian asf of me

Ableism: I do feel if I wasn’t hindered by my extra pounds I would be more ableist but I am furious at people who FAT / body shame because you hoes can be criticized for your body shapes as well nobody is perfect

Skepticism: in science I trust and not Zeus’ testicles

Atheism : a well educated atheist with an established understanding that abrahamic gods are false and a god as humans depict does not scientifically supported to be in existence

Antitheism: anarcho-feminism related strong dislike against organized religion mostly due to the male oppression with false gods who labels my ovaries inferior than testicles

Transphobia/gender views: transwomen are women. Pussy is not a qualifier

Evolution: facts

Drug abuse: lift the stigma on drug use and change the bad person judgment

Morals: a group of collective holier than thou opinions that aren’t absolutes or laws

Mental health: overlooked and understudied

Materialism: survival technique

Machiavellian persona: a coping technique / self defense mechanism after the parental neglect and childhood trauma forces the victim to act out of insecure and fearful ways to gain control over hurt

Communism: def better for my lazy ass but not seeing it happening

Intersectionality: oppression has levels and shades to it

Islamaphobia: understood but not effective in controlling Horrifying effects of Islamist ideology

Hoeism: fight slut Shamers by embracing hoe life

life isn’t beautiful.

Lies empaths and victim gang tell… My favorite one  is that life is beautiful. Lol how is life beautiful? Life is just a long period of alternating and domineering energies of negative and positive. It is a period of time for you to experience whatever the  fuck the universe has it for you due to whatever algorithms are at work and then….you die. Wtf is beautiful about life other than living as a bad ass and dying as a legend….. everything in between is just sorrows and ego masturbation. image.jpg

Things I always find myself saying

1. I really can’t deal
2. It’s just too much
3. You are disrespectful
4. You ask to be babied
5. Why do you complain so much?
6. You are unmanageable
7. I don’t have time for this
8. Do what you gotta do
9. Whatever
10. Fuck outta here
11. We shall see
12. I guess nobody likes to be wrong
13. You can’t take criticism
14. You take everything personal
15. I’m not gonna entertain this
16. You don’t have to like me
17. That’s irrelevant
18. It’s all about business
19. This ain’t goodwill
20. I don’t deal with emotions
21. Too much ego
22. Just do your job
23. Mind your business
24. I’m a human too
25. Get over it IMG_2972

Suicide is not on my mind

The female narcissist


You could be suicidal and that doesn’t mean you are weak. That means you are free of the obligation to appear strong and self governed and that is actually cool. I wish I didn’t feel that I had no self esteem or abondenment issues. I wish I didn’t pretend that I loved me enough to be confident enough bc I am 27 and still trying to be validated

suicide is not a NPD way to leave

Too good to be ending my life over depression some other organisms caused FUCK OUTTA HERE I’d rather have you suicidal before I take myself out

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The Narcopath’s Angst

The female narcissist

Female Narcissist and Anger issues (of others with it)

My Narcissism does not bother me. Once again for the “narc abuse survivors” out there, we have no problem with our condition. At least I don’t because I know it contributed to my successful career, all my exes still call me desperately and I got some money I was able to save up when I laid off the drugs a little. All praise due to motherfucking me. Narcissism is fine overall but I have one tiny problem with it. It is like taking your favorite stimulant. You enjoy the ride till the end because in the end you are left with your signature anger. That anger angers you farther because People have issues with it telling you (me) that you(I) got “anger issues”.

Anger is something I can DEFINITELY feel. It is like the most understood and felt feeling I have…

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